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Deluxe Osteoporosis Model (3 Vertebrae),A78

Deluxe Osteoporosis Model (3 Vertebrae)

Item: 1000153 [A78]
3 year warranty

Femoral Fracture and Hip Osteoarthritis,A88

Femoral Fracture and Hip Osteoarthritis

Item: 1000175 [A88]
3 year warranty

Osteoporosis Model,A95

Osteoporosis Model

Item: 1000182 [A95]
3 year warranty

Osteoporosis Chart,VR1121UU

Osteoporosis Chart

Item: 4006653 [VR1121UU]

Arthritis Chart,VR1123UU

Arthritis Chart

Item: 4006654 [VR1123UU]