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3B Scientific® offers CPR accessories like pocket masks, BLS posters for the course facility and all other institutions, as well as pocket CPRs to remind the rescuer of what to when performing CPR.
Basic Life Support Chart, 4006725 [VR1770UU], BLS and CPR Accessories

Basic Life Support Chart

Item: 4006725 [VR1770UU]

HAL® CPR+D Trainer with Advanced Feedback, 1018867, BLS and CPR Accessories

HAL® CPR+D Trainer with Advanced Feedback

Item: 1018867

Act+Fast Rescue Choking Vest - Blue, 1017938 [W43300B], BLS and CPR Accessories

Act+Fast Rescue Choking Vest - Blue

Item: 1017938 [W43300B]

CasPeR the CPR Dog, 1020264 [W44418], BLS and CPR Accessories

CasPeR the CPR Dog

Item: 1020264 [W44418]

Cardiac Emergency Chart - Laminated, 1018419 [W59503], BLS and CPR Accessories

Cardiac Emergency Chart - Laminated

Item: 1018419 [W59503]