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Basic Life Support on newborn patients is similar to pediatric BLS, however, it focuses more on providing oxygen than in pediatric od adult BLS. Heart rate, blood pressure, movement, and color of the skin of neonates are primary aspects to be assessed before providing basic life support.

3B Scientific® offers a wide selection of neonatal BLS simulators and manikins for the training of nurses, midwives, medical staff and other caregivers. The simulators are an effective tool to train emergency interventions for neonatal patients.
Baby Buddy™ Single CPR Manikin, 1018852 [W44160], BLS Newborn

Baby Buddy™ Single CPR Manikin

Item: 1018852 [W44160]
5 year warranty

Baby Buddy™ 5-Pack, 1018853 [W44161], BLS Newborn

Baby Buddy™ 5-Pack

Item: 1018853 [W44161]
5 year warranty

Kim™ CPR Manikin, newborn, 1005728 [W44541], BLS Newborn

Kim™ CPR Manikin, newborn

Item: 1005728 [W44541]

Baby Sani CPR Manikin, 1005745 [W44570], BLS Newborn

Baby Sani CPR Manikin

Item: 1005745 [W44570]

CPR Prompt® Adult/Child and Infant Manikins - 7 Pack, 1017941 [W44710], BLS Newborn

CPR Prompt® Adult/Child and Infant Manikins - 7 Pack

Item: 1017941 [W44710]
5 year warranty

CPR Prompt® Training and Practice Manikin ( Infant) 5 Pack, 1017942 [W44711], BLS Newborn

CPR Prompt® Training and Practice Manikin ( Infant) 5 Pack

Item: 1017942 [W44711]
5 year warranty

CPR Prompt® Infant Manikin (TMAN2), 1018141 [W44714], BLS Newborn

CPR Prompt® Infant Manikin (TMAN2)

Item: 1018141 [W44714]
5 year warranty

Basic CRiSis™ Infant Crisis Manikin, 1017248 [W44717], BLS Newborn

Basic CRiSis™ Infant Crisis Manikin

Item: 1017248 [W44717]
5 year warranty

Newborn PEDI® Simulator, 1014584 [W45202], BLS Newborn

Newborn PEDI® Simulator

Item: 1014584 [W45202]

Mouth/nose pieces for resuscitation manikin, 1005729 [W44542], BLS Newborn

Mouth/nose pieces for resuscitation manikin

Item: 1005729 [W44542]

24 Airway Systems, 1005730 [W44543], BLS Newborn

24 Airway Systems

Item: 1005730 [W44543]

100 Airway/Lung/Face Shield Systems, 1005746 [W44571], BLS Newborn

100 Airway/Lung/Face Shield Systems

Item: 1005746 [W44571]

Carrying Bag, 1005744 [W44569], BLS Newborn

Carrying Bag

Item: 1005744 [W44569]