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Anatomical models are a great educational tool to study and explain the internal and external structure of the human body as well as the various functions of the body's systems. Students interested in the medical profession as well as doctors, professors, and health care professionals profit from the realism of the models. The wide range of anatomical models 3B Scientific offers includes human muscle models, individual bones and joints, spines, vertebrae, skulls, full-size skeletons, miniature skeletons, dissectible human torso models, brain models, models of the teeth, jaw and dentition, heart and circulatory systems, the human digestive and urinary system, pregnancy and birthing models.

Anatomical models are especially valuable to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and health care practitioners in the field of patient education. Working on a trustful relationship with patients is an investment in a successful future with returning customers, and being able to explain every anatomical detail on a model will assure a strong rapport with a patient. They will feel that the doctor patient relationship becomes more transparent and by visually demonstrating what otherwise might not be easy to explain, the patient will feel more comfortable.

Medical students and teachers for biology, medicine and health education will benefit from anatomical models just as much. Cast from actual specimens, 3B Scientific's anatomy models are then professionally manufactured to exacting medical quality standards. The 3B Scientific name represents quality materials, superior craftsmanship and one of the best product warranties in the industry. You are guaranteed to receive true value from 3B Scientific human anatomy and physiology related products, and they will last for a long time.
3B NEUROtables™ in German, 1002492 [S0090], Anatomical Models

3B NEUROtables™ in German

Item: 1002492 [S0090]
3 year warranty

3B NEUROtables™ in French, 1002494 [S0290], Anatomical Models

3B NEUROtables™ in French

Item: 1002494 [S0290]
3 year warranty

Unisex Torso with Fixed Head , 11 part, 1008541 [VA31], Anatomical Models

Unisex Torso with Fixed Head , 11 part

Item: 1008541 [VA31]
3 year warranty