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Cover glasses, non-ground, Ar-glass, 1005080 [W16156], Dishes

Cover glasses, non-ground, Ar-glass

Item: 1005080 [W16156]

Microscopic Slides, Cut Edges, 90°, 1005083 [W16159], Dishes

Microscopic Slides, Cut Edges, 90°

Item: 1005083 [W16159]

Microscope slides with one cavity, 1008919 [W16160], Dishes

Microscope slides with one cavity

Item: 1008919 [W16160]

Petri Dishes,  55x15 mm, 1012538 [W16178], Dishes

Petri Dishes, 55x15 mm

Item: 1012538 [W16178]

Petri Dishes, 94x16 mm, 1012540 [W16179], Dishes

Petri Dishes, 94x16 mm

Item: 1012540 [W16179]

Petri Dishes, 94x16 mm, 2-parts, 1012541 [W16180], Dishes

Petri Dishes, 94x16 mm, 2-parts

Item: 1012541 [W16180]