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Charge Spoon, Small, 1002707 [U11051], Electrostatics

Charge Spoon, Small

Item: 1002707 [U11051]

Wimshurst Machine, 1002967 [U15310], Electrostatics

Wimshurst Machine

Item: 1002967 [U15310]

Electrolytic Trough, 1009884 [U51001], Electrostatics

Electrolytic Trough

Item: 1009884 [U51001]

Plexiglas Plate, 1000880 [U8476371], Electrostatics

Plexiglas Plate

Item: 1000880 [U8476371]

Piezoelectric Charge Source, 1000923 [U8490210], Electrostatics

Piezoelectric Charge Source

Item: 1000923 [U8490210]

Cardboard Plate, 1000936 [U8492341], Electrostatics

Cardboard Plate

Item: 1000936 [U8492341]

Conducting Sphere, 1000938 [U8492350], Electrostatics

Conducting Sphere

Item: 1000938 [U8492350]

Plate Capacitor D, 1006798 [U8492355], Electrostatics

Plate Capacitor D

Item: 1006798 [U8492355]

Faraday Cup, 1000972 [U8496460], Electrostatics

Faraday Cup

Item: 1000972 [U8496460]

DC Power Supply, 450 V, 1008534 [U8521400-115], Electrostatics

DC Power Supply, 450 V

Item: 1008534 [U8521400-115]

DC Power Supply, 450 V (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1008535 [U8521400-230], Electrostatics

DC Power Supply, 450 V (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Item: 1008535 [U8521400-230]

Electrometer, 1001024 [U8531408-115], Electrostatics


Item: 1001024 [U8531408-115]

Electrometer Accessories, 1006813 [U8531420], Electrostatics

Electrometer Accessories

Item: 1006813 [U8531420]

Conducting Sphere, 30 mm, 1001026 [U8532126], Electrostatics

Conducting Sphere, 30 mm

Item: 1001026 [U8532126]

Kolbe's Electroscope, 1001027 [U8532131], Electrostatics

Kolbe's Electroscope

Item: 1001027 [U8532131]

Electric Field Meter, 1001029 [U8533015-115], Electrostatics

Electric Field Meter

Item: 1001029 [U8533015-115]

Electric Field Meter (230 V, 50/60 Hz), 1001030 [U8533015-230], Electrostatics

Electric Field Meter (230 V, 50/60 Hz)

Item: 1001030 [U8533015-230]

Charge Indicator (Electroscope), 1009962 [U8557100], Electrostatics

Charge Indicator (Electroscope)

Item: 1009962 [U8557100]

Charge Storage Device with Piezo Charger, 1009963 [U8557110], Electrostatics

Charge Storage Device with Piezo Charger

Item: 1009963 [U8557110]

Electroscope S, 1009964 [U8557120], Electrostatics

Electroscope S

Item: 1009964 [U8557120]

Charge Spoon, Large, 1002708 [U11052], Electrostatics

Charge Spoon, Large

Item: 1002708 [U11052]

Friction Rods, 1002709 [U11053], Electrostatics

Friction Rods

Item: 1002709 [U11053]

Experiment Lead, Safety Plug and Socket, 1002839 [U13761], Electrostatics

Experiment Lead, Safety Plug and Socket

Item: 1002839 [U13761]

Van de Graaff Generator, 1002963 [U15300-115], Electrostatics

Van de Graaff Generator

Item: 1002963 [U15300-115]

Plate Capacitor S, 1003232 [U30040], Electrostatics

Plate Capacitor S

Item: 1003232 [U30040]