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Archaeopteryx lithographica, Replica, 1018509 [U75005], Fossils

Archaeopteryx lithographica, Replica

Item: 1018509 [U75005]

Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils, 1018513 [U75025], Fossils

Stratigraphic collection 40 fossils

Item: 1018513 [U75025]

Ammonite (Cleoniceras), semi-polished, 1018511 [U75015], Fossils

Ammonite (Cleoniceras), semi-polished

Item: 1018511 [U75015]

Stratigraphic Collection, 20 Fossils, 1018512 [U75020], Fossils

Stratigraphic Collection, 20 Fossils

Item: 1018512 [U75020]

Ammonite, model, 1018515 [W12400], Fossils

Ammonite, model

Item: 1018515 [W12400]

Thin Sections, Fossils and Meteorites, 1018505 [W13153], Fossils

Thin Sections, Fossils and Meteorites

Item: 1018505 [W13153]