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Laparoscopy training teaches the core skills and competencies in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery. Medical simulators offer scenario-based laparoscopic procedure training with different techniques (telescopic rod lens system or digital laparoscope). Trainees will learn the necessary psycho-motoric skills to handle the laparoscope (the tool’s end point move in the opposite direction of the surgeon’s hand therefore the motoric interaction is non-intuitive and requires to be practiced), the interaction with tissue without being able to feel it with their own hands, as well as working with limited visibility and range of motion.

3B Scientific® offers highly advanced medical simulators for laparoscopic training in surgical areas like General Surgery, Gynecology, Urology, Pediatric Surgery and Gastrointestinal Surgery, as well as laparoscopic suturing skills. They offer skill training from basic laparoscopy to advanced laparoscopic procedures for individual and team training with highly realistic tissue and video. 
Lap-X Hybrid Laparoscopy Simulator, 1020117, Laparoscopy

Lap-X Hybrid Laparoscopy Simulator

Item: 1020117

Surgery and Laparoscopy Torso, 1005135 [W19312], Laparoscopy

Surgery and Laparoscopy Torso

Item: 1005135 [W19312]

Bowel Sections wet (6"/15,2cm), 1019686 [W44914], Laparoscopy

Bowel Sections wet (6"/15,2cm)

Item: 1019686 [W44914]