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3B Scientific® offers clinical skills and patient education trainers specific to male examination including prostate exam trainers for practicing the diagnoses of prostate cancer, testicle examination trainers, as well as male breast cancer examination trainers.
Pre-Teen Circumcision Training Kit, 1017255 [W44064PT], Male Examination
New -

Pre-Teen Circumcision Training Kit

Item: 1017255 [W44064PT]
5 year warranty

Teen Circumcision Training Kit, 1017256 [W44064TN], Male Examination
New -

Teen Circumcision Training Kit

Item: 1017256 [W44064TN]
5 year warranty

Young Adult Circumcision Trainer Kit, 1017257 [W44064YA], Male Examination
New -

Young Adult Circumcision Trainer Kit

Item: 1017257 [W44064YA]
5 year warranty

Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages, 1013116 [P58/1], Male Examination

Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages

Item: 1013116 [P58/1]
3 year warranty

Prostate Examination Trainer, 1005163 [W19344], Male Examination

Prostate Examination Trainer

Item: 1005163 [W19344]

Lumps and Bumps Box, 1005164 [W19345], Male Examination

Lumps and Bumps Box

Item: 1005164 [W19345]

Teen BSE/TSE Training Set, 1017933 [W43104], Male Examination

Teen BSE/TSE Training Set

Item: 1017933 [W43104]

Prostate Examination Simulator, 1005594 [W44014], Male Examination

Prostate Examination Simulator

Item: 1005594 [W44014]
5 year warranty

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin, 1013742 [W44075], Male Examination

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

Item: 1013742 [W44075]
5 year warranty

Basic GERi™ Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin, 1005620 [W44077], Male Examination

Basic GERi™ Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin

Item: 1005620 [W44077]
5 year warranty

Testicle Self Examination Model, 1005640 [W44112], Male Examination

Testicle Self Examination Model

Item: 1005640 [W44112]
5 year warranty