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Nervous System, 1/2 life size,C30

Nervous System, 1/2 life size

Item: 1000231 [C30]
3 year warranty

"Physiology of Nerves" Series-5 models,metal board,C40

"Physiology of Nerves" Series-5 models,metal board

Item: 1000232 [C40]
3 year warranty

Neuron Cell Body,C40/1

Neuron Cell Body

Item: 1000233 [C40/1]
3 year warranty

Myelin Sheaths of the CNS,C40/2

Myelin Sheaths of the CNS

Item: 1000234 [C40/2]
3 year warranty

Schwann Cells of the PNS,C40/3

Schwann Cells of the PNS

Item: 1000235 [C40/3]
3 year warranty

Motor End Plate,C40/4

Motor End Plate

Item: 1000236 [C40/4]
3 year warranty



Item: 1000237 [C40/5]
3 year warranty

Spinal Cord Model 5 times life size,C41

Spinal Cord Model 5 times life size

Item: 1000238 [C41]
3 year warranty

Nervous System Model Activity Set,W40201

Nervous System Model Activity Set

Item: 1005470 [W40201]

Motor Neuron Diorama,W42537

Motor Neuron Diorama

Item: 1005553 [W42537]