Primal Pictures - Interactive Shoulder, English

Primal Pictures - Interactive Shoulder, English, 1005848 [W46617], Primal Pictures

Primal Pictures - Interactive Shoulder, English

The ultimate reference work on the human shoulder. Based on the Visible Human Project Data, individual anatomical features can be seen in detail, high resolution and in three dimensions. New text written by David W. Stoller, MD in the radiology mode links to a range of pathology material for each joint. Includes a remarkable series of biomechanical animations showing the relative bone positions during a number of typical joint motions. Provides clear and accurate views of the brachial plexus and includes full anatomy of the elbow. Also, the authors including Stephen Copeland and Louis Bigliani are among the world's leading experts in shoulder surgery and anatomy. The Interactive Shoulder is a must for anyone interested in the form, function and pathologies of the human shoulder. 

ISBN 1-90247-035-4

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Item No. 1005848 [W46617]
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ISBN 1-90247-035-4
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