Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer - THCT

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Tactical Hemorrhage Control Trainer - THCT

The Tactical Hemorrhage Control Manikin is a full-sized, remotely-activated simulator designed for point-of-injury, tactical medicine training for law enforcement and first responders. Ultra-realistic and fully mobile, it is ideally suited for training rapid assessment and treatment of trauma injuries in disaster drill and active shooter simulation scenarios.

Full-body Manikin for TCCC and TECC Training
  • Anatomically-accurate soft tissue
  • Ruggedized and water-resistant
  • Remotely-activated pulsatile bleeding
  • Multiple injuries involving gunshot wounds, stab wounds and crushing injuries
  • Amputation on left leg above knee for tourniquet application
Rapid Assessment for Tactical Casualty Care
  • Airway
  • Oral and nasal
  • Pulses
  • Bleeding
Airway Management Tranining
  • Oropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal airway
  • Chest Seal application
  • Practice the identification of the proper landmarks for needle decompression (mid-clavicular line / mid-axillary line)
Hemorrhage Control and Tourniquet Application Training
  • Gunshot wound to face with exit wound
  • Gunshot wound to upper left arm with exit wound for wound packing and tourniquet application
  • Superficial gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach
  • Junctional and standard tourniquet application
  • Practice wound packing and bandaging technic

Watch Mick Navin, CEO of Operative Experience, Inc. on TV using a TCCC Manikin to explain hemorrhage control and tourniquet application techniques for "Stop the Bleed" day:

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