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COPD Chart - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,VR1329UU

COPD Chart - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Item: VR1329UU [4006678]

Drug Dependence Chart,VR1781L

Drug Dependence Chart

Item: VR1781L [1001618]

Nicotine Dependence Chart,VR1793UU

Nicotine Dependence Chart

Item: VR1793UU [4006728]

Smokey Sue - “The Dangers of Smoking”,W43010

Smokey Sue - “The Dangers of Smoking”

Item: W43010 [1005565]

Tobacco Mouth,W43013

Tobacco Mouth

Item: W43013 [1005566]

Smoker Model,W43042

Smoker Model

Item: W43042 [1005577]

A Year

A Year's Worth of Tar

Item: W43043 [1005578]

“Consequences of Smoking”, 3D Info Board,W43047

“Consequences of Smoking”, 3D Info Board

Item: W43047 [1005580]

Effects of Smoking Activity Model,W55723

Effects of Smoking Activity Model

Item: W55723 [1005932]